I am Still Around

I am on another 3 full day session this week learning about Microsoft's Lync and next week I fly out again only this time to Pittsburgh to work with a consultant to install Lync in our production environment. Week after that, I've got another session, a session with Microsoft on our Clustering environment. Last week of March, beginning of April was the System Center Operations Management and Hyper-V (two weeks). As you can see, I have not had much time to actually get any work done, too busy analyzing our systems and getting the Microsoft A-OK mark on how we implemented it all. Being in IT can be fun sometimes, the learning oportunity for me has been fantastic. On the weightloss front I have not done so well but I have not gained anything. I now have my treadmill and finally got it connected to the internet so am working on getting into the "habit" of getting on it first thing in the morning for a good workout. 

I started the week before I left for Vegas, and while in Vegas, I did a ton of walking. Unfortunately I forgot my Fitbit at home, but I know I did more than 10K steps a day... guaranteed. My hips and legs are aching so much from the bed in Vegas that even sleeping in my own pillow soft bed hurts right now. I've got to figure out how to fix this problem as it really disrupts my sleep. Walking a lot irritates me but after I get into stretching a lot again, it will ease off. It's one of those you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't scenario's. My life if anything is always full of something. I hope you are all doing well. I have been reading blogs when I get the chance, but just haven't had time to write much. Take care everyone and have a fantastic day!